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Fastbreak Basketball Academy is founded by Jarryd Hoppo, USA Div 1 College Basketball player from the Southern Utah Thunderbirds! Jarryd has represented the state of South Australia at National Championships four times and is a current NBL1 player for the South Adelaide Panthers.

Fastbreak aims to provide an intensive training solution for players wanting to push themselves to the next level in their basketball skills and IQ. We provide a wholistic approach to player development with a focus on skills all while having fun.

Fastbreak also have teams in the Southern District Junior Basketball League. We are always looking for more players. If you are interested in finding out more click HERE >


Jarryd Hoppo_edited.jpg

Jarryd Hoppo: Fastbreak Head Coach

Jarryd is a former USA Div 1 College Basketball player from the Southern Utah Thunderbirds. Jarryd has represented the state of South Australia at National Championships four times and is a current NBL1 player for the South Adelaide Panthers. He prides himself on his passion for player development and looks forward to working with every Fastbreak player to help them develop their game in a positive, family environment.

David Gill_edited.jpg

David Gill


Coach of the U12 Blue and U18 Blue teams this season, and Fastbreak Coach of the Year for 2022-23 and Co-Coach of the Year for 2020-21, David’s passion for basketball began when he started playing as a kid. He played in numerous competitions/ grades up until he was 20. From the moment he started playing, David was hooked on the game & when his son Harley started playing, he jumped at the opportunity to coach. David was one of our first coaches and brings to Fastbreak a commitment to developing players’ skills & approach resulting in a confident and rewarding team culture. He also brings a great balance of hard work and fun to the teams he coaches, bringing a smile to the faces of everyone around him.  

Ella Linke_edited.jpg

Ella Linke


Ella is the coach of the  U14 Grey, U16 Blue & U16 Black teams this season. She had a successful Winter season with her U14 Jade team winning their grand final by 3 points against the U14 White team! She was also Fastbreak co-Coach of the Year for 2020-21! Ella has played basketball for South Adelaide since U8’s and currently plays Womens basketball. She is passionate about players having fun while they learn and is keen to build great connections with players, parents and team managers. She is approachable and caring but also wants to start working players harder and pushing them to strive for their own improvement to reach their potential. She looks forward to working alongside both you and your son/daughter and welcoming any new players for a successful season! If at anytime you would like to talk to her about any issues or concerns you may have, feel free to approach her at anytime.

Josh Warren_edited.jpg

Josh Warren

 Josh is a currently taking a break to play footy and concentrate on his career but has played high level basketball in SA and also played 4 years of high school basketball in the US. Josh looks forward to working with a new group of players and passing on anything he knows and the experiences he has had from playing that will hopefully help players excel in the right direction.

Nathan Pleavin_edited.jpg

Nathan Pleavin


Nathan will be coaching our U16 Opal and U16 Jade teams this season after a successful winter season with the U14 Opal team winning the grand final against our U14 Diamond team. Nathan has been playing basketball since he was 6yrs old and played Div1/2 at South Adelaide until U23s and represented SA in a school team in U16s. He has been refereeing basketball for over 10yrs. His goal is to help the team gain new skills and knowledge to help them succeed in basketball and take it out into everyday life. He hopes the players all have a good time and can develop as players and as a group.


Gareth Thomas


Gareth joins Fastbreak for the first time for the summer season 23-24 as coach of the U14 White & Jade teams. Gareth plays in the top divisions at Forestville and was the captain of the Scotch College senior boys’ team in 2022 with Jarryd as coach of this team. Jarryd saw huge potential in Gareth not only as a player but as a coach as well and we are thrilled to have him join Fastbreak. Welcome Gareth!

Ben 2022_edited.jpg

Ben Hoppo


 Ben joins us for his second season as the coach of our U10 Black and U16 Black teams. He has been playing district basketball since age 11, starting in Div 3 & working his way up to Div 1 at Forestville. He started basketball coaching in 2022 and is looking forward to passing on his growing knowledge to ensure all players develop their game and have some success along the way as a result. 

Oscar 2022_edited.jpg

Oscar Turnbull


Oscar joins us for his third season as the coach of our U14 Sapphire team. He started coaching football at age 17 & has been coaching ever since. He enjoys both teaching & learning from the players and is looking forward to a fun season. He believes that teams need to play both good team and 1:1 defence as well as fast, exciting offence.


Jamie Nancarrow


Jamie joins Fastbreak for the first time for the summer season 23-24 as coach of the U14 Blue team. Jamie has played both district junior and senior basketball and has more recently coached juniors at a range of levels. He grew up in the country when basketball wasn’t mainstream, and he relied on his family’s commitment to enable him to play. He is very team focused and passionate about players growing on and off the court. He loves introducing techniques, training, and in-game scenarios to challenge the team, players and opponents. Welcome to Fastbreak Jamie!

Brooke Linke_edited.jpg

Brooklyn Linke


Brooklyn joined Fastbreak in the Summer Season 2020-21 and has been one of our most successful coaches. Although her background is in coaching and playing volleyball, Brooklyn has taken to basketball coaching and works with our youngest players. Brooklyn graduated from her teaching degree in 2022 year, providing her with experience in understanding and communicating with children which translates perfectly into her coaching role. She looks forward to working with both the parents and players again this season.


Katie Baylis


Katie joins us for her third season as coach of our U14 Emerald. She has 20 years’ experience coaching & umpiring netball and is excited to bring her high energy and ability in working with kids of all backgrounds. She has a passion and enthusiasm to encourage and work with all players to develop skills and feel part of a team, regardless of personal challenges. She is passionate, positive & enthusiastic about everything she does and strongly believes in creating a team where everyone feels like they have a voice and can use it strongly. 

Darryl Totaro_edited_edited.jpg

Darryl Totaro


Darryl returns to Fastbreak as a specialist skills coach. He has 16 years experience as a basketball coach in both SA & NSW and has been a player and referee for over 40 years. We are excited to have him on board to help develop the skills of Fastbreak players. He has a strong passion for the game and a desire to pass on his experience and passion to the next generation of young men and women. He believes that basketball is a road to learning about life’s skills through teamwork, dedication, hard work and effort and likes to guide players to strive for their best and to enjoy the journey of basketball at any and all levels of the sport. 

Adam Williams_edited.jpg

Adam Williams


 Adam joins us for his second season as Fastbreak coach of our U14 Opal team. He has coached UniSA senior men's district teams and more recently district basketball at South Adelaide coaching girls and boys in U10 up to U18 age levels. He has also coached many domestic teams over the past 5 years. Adam has assisted the Adelaide 36ers with their school holiday basketball camps in recent years, as well as being a coach at the Maher/Ninnis basketball camps. In recent years his focus has been to cultivate, encourage and provide guidance to young people starting their basketball journey hoping to inspire their passion for the game so they too might also provide guidance to those that follow them in the future. He coaches with an emphasis on fun, friendships, family and fitness.


Steph Wheatland


Steph joins Fastbreak for the first time for the summer season 23-24 as coach of the U16 Sapphire team. She started playing basketball at the age of 9 and played Div 1 district at both Sturt and South Adelaide. She has coached at Nationals with an U14 team, multiple domestic teams and an U12 district boys’ team. She enjoys providing players with a rewarding environment where they are excited to come together, learn and be better both individually and as a team. She loves sharing her knowledge and watching players grow and improve. Welcome to Fastbreak Steph! 


Larry Clarke


We are excited to welcome Larry back to coach our U12 Black team this summer season. Larry started playing basketball as a schoolboy in WA. When he moved to SA, he played lower grade district for South Adelaide and Sturt. Larry coached juniors at South for 10 years including all age groups from U12s to U18s. He was rewarded with Life Membership to South Adelaide Basketball Club. He has also coached district reserve women and has been an assistant coach to senior women at Sturt. Larry enjoys teaching and developing young people's skills and believes team sports builds character with a team first approach. He hopes to make this season enjoyable for the team. 


Marcus Baker-Kang


 Marcus joins Fastbreak for the first time in summer season 23-24 as coach of the U18 Black team. He has coached a local social team and Southern Tigers domestic team. He strongly believes in networking, community and respect for oneself and others. He is looking to provide consistency, core skills, fundamentals, and mental support because every player brings something unique to a team. He is excited for the upcoming season. Welcome to Fastbreak Marcus!


Anna Ranaldo


Anna joins Fastbreak for the first time in the Summer 23-24 season as coach of the U16 Diamond team. She is excited to return to coaching after a 20-year break having played high level basketball in New Zealand and coached an U14 girls’ team and the NZ Men’s Special Olympics team. She is equal parts excited and nervous to return to coaching! She has 5 children ranging in age from 13-24 with one still playing basketball. Her passion is for fostering a sense of self, love and willingness to fail, learn and succeed together as people first and basketballers second! Welcome to Fastbreak Anna!

Bailey Gilbert_edited.jpg

Bailey Gilbert


We welcome Bailey back as a coach after an 18-month break. Bailey will be coaching the U12 Grey & U12 White teams this season. He looks forward to working with players and parents for the summer season. Bailey has played basketball for many years and was in the NBL1 squad for South Adelaide and Mt Barker teams. He brings a wealth of knowledge in basketball and, while he has had limited coaching experience, he has a passion for the kids and their development. He is excited to pass on his knowledge to make them better players.


Tim Pelgrave


Tim joins Fastbreak for the first time for the summer season 23-24 as the coach of the U16 White team. Tim is the current NBL1 assistant coach and U21 Boys Div 1 coach for South Adelaide. He has been in these roles for 4 and 5 years respectively. Tim started playing basketball when he was 9 years old and has been coaching for the last 8 years. He coaches to give players the skills and confidence to play the game the right way. Hopefully the team has some wins and fun along the way! Welcome to Fastbreak Tim!

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